When Elephants Cry

Watoto's life at WPZ

Chai pacing and swaying

Chai and Watoto

Chai and Bamboo 11/13

Chai swaying and head bobbing with cracked nail

Chai "dancing" with Watoto pacing

Chai pacing with crack in nail

Bamboo and Chai - sterotypical behavior - Oct 2011

Watoto pacing and swaying in urine and feces 12/31/2010

Chai in barn pacing 12/31/2010

Bamboo pacing & holdling nipple 12/31/2010

Bamboo pacing & head swiveling 3/27/11

Chai, bobbing and swaying

Watoto pacing at WPZ (video speed increased)

Bamboo and Chai 12/2006

Bamboo at WPZ 12/2006

Bamboo in pacing in circles outdoors 2/2006

Bamboo and more indoor pacing 9/2005

Bamboo in solitary 5/2001

Stereotypical behavior is the mind’s way of coping with trauma, stress and boredom.